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Healthy Fruits and Veggies Nutritional Dietary Supplement




* Do you consume 8-10 servings of fruits and vegetables - every day? 

* Do you have a child (or an adult) that only wants to eat chicken tenders, french fries, candy, desert and other junk foods?

* Did you know that a proper diet of fruits and vegetables can help you sleep better?

* Do you know that fruits and vegetables can help improve the immune system and thus help to prevent sickness and diseases?

* Did you know that only 13% of all Americans actually consume the recommended daily amounts of fruits and vegetables?      


USDA guidlines recommend 7-10 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. Another recommendation if for half of your plate to contain fruits and vegetables and the other half to contain proteins and grains.

While we are all aware of the nutritional value contained in fruits and vegetables, the facts are that very few of us are even close to achieving the recommendations on a daily basis. Even when we do consume fruits and vegetables, most of the time the key ingredients have been cooked or boiled out of them, or they are smothered in sauces, toppings or sugars that neutralize many of the benefits that the original fruit or vegetable may have offered.

Fruits & Veggies, by Healthy One, contains 27, all natural fruit and vegetable 4:1 powder extracts in capsule form. Fruits & Veggies helps bridge the gap between what you SHOULD eat every day, with what you DO eat every day. 


Terms and Conditions: HALF PRICE TRIAL OFFER - As part of this special offer, you can receive your first bottle of Fruits & Veggies for HALF PRICE with FREE SHIPPING when using our subscription service. Use promo code  FRUIT at checkout.  If you decide to continue receiving Fruits & Veggies, do nothing and beginning 30 days after the date of your purchase, you will be sent a 30 day supply every month at the special rate of $12.98 (1-60 capsule bottle) with FREE SHIPPING to USA, additional fees for International. You can cancel at anytime by logging into your account and cancelling your subscription. Upgrade your subscription to our 150 Capsule bottle (10 week supply) and save 30%. You can contact us at jksproductsllc@gmail.com.  If you prefer to buy one bottle at a time at the regular price you can do so at our home page.


The best way to reduce your risk of disease is to eat healthy. Fruits and Vegetables are two food groups known to contribute to better health.



Healthy Fruits and Veggies contains 45 mg of each of the following key ingredients. We use only 4:1 powdered extracts to maximize the nutritional benefits contained in each fruit and vegetable.

Acerola Cherries  -  Apples  -  Asparagus  -  Bananas  -  Beets  -  Blackberries  -  Blueberries  -  Broccoli  -  Brussel Sprouts  -  Cabbage  -  Carrots  -   Concord Grapes  -  Collard Greens  -  Grapefruit  -  Green Bell Pepper  -  Green Peas  -  Kale  -  Kiwi  -  Oranges  -  Papayas  -  Pomegranate  - Raspberries  - Spinach -   Tomatoes  - Strawberries - Tomatoes -  Watermelon  -  Watercress
















*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

** Patients with any medical conditions should always consult with their doctor before taking any dietary supplements.